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Skating Treadmill Program

Treadmill Training Information

If you are looking to stay in skating shape over the summer or you're looking to develop leg strength, speed, or want some 1 on 1 work to correct that short choppy stride then the skating treadmill is for you. Come train at the North Rink this summer and take your game to the next level. Before you get on the treadmill you will be ran through some agility drills as well as Russian boxes to promote knee bend and explosiveness. Next, you will be on the treadmill for roughly 30-45 minutes and will be put through age/skill appropriate training. Come in before your session and shoot pucks or stay after and work on your stick handling.

Contact Tyler Landman for availability at 218-469-0118 or by email

Rates: $150/10 sessions or $20 per session.
*Must pay before session starts. NO exceptions*

1. Bring sharp skates/tennis shoes.

2. Show up 5 minutes before session 

3. Must pay for session before you skate 

4. $150 for punch card/10 sessions

You can contact Tyler Landman for more information at:

Tyler Landman

Skating Treadmill Coordinator

Phone: 218-469-0118